Jolly frustrating deer (muntjac?) spot, a Canon EOS5 and mad aperture

14 02 2010

Well, it could have been so wonderful. But it wasn’t.

I was in a taxi tonight on the way home when, what should bound on to the road but a deer of some sort. It was the size of a dog and I’d guess it was a muntjac but I don’t know for sure. It had a wolf grey look, but that could have been the light.

Anyway sadly, because of the situation, I couldn’t get a photo, let alone stop the car and look around so that was that. Drat.

It was uplifting and depressing at the same time!

Also, I’ve now got the loan of two more cameras… both film. I intend to do B&W stuff on an old Canon compact and I’m also borrowing an EOS5 which is rather snazzy. But I did find myself checking the back constantly to see the (non-existent) photo preview!

I’m having lens dilemmas, too – i.e. whether to trade in my Eighties era 50mm 1.8 Nikkor (pictured below) for a newer version of the same lens or keep it and save up for a zoom. Now I’ve used such a fast ‘un (lens that is) there’s no way I’m doing without. 1.8 is a mad aperture, truly!

More soon…

I promise.

Here’s a quick D70 self-portrait with Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens from about 1980…




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